I collect Peggy Hopper art, all of her pieces evoke that island feeling.


The work of artist Pegge Hopper is a familiar sight in many island hotels, offices and homes. Originally from California, Peggy arrived in the islands in 1963. She has since made an enduring contribution to the Hawaii art scene with her distinctive paintings of Hawaiian women.

Pegge has held one person shows in Chicago, Los Angeles and Seattle and maintains a gallery in downtown Honolulu’s Chinatown area to showcase her original paintings and drawings.


Flip Floppin’ :: HAVAIANAS

I wear these all day long.  Casual day at the beach, or black-tie event.  Don’t care.  They are appendages to my feet.  I am constantly buying new pairs.  I am the “Imelda Marcos” of flip-flops.

Flip Floppin' :: HAVAIANAS

The birth of Havaianas
Havaianas was born in 1962 from the breezy culture of Hawaii and the serene design of Japan. With the same clean lines as the Japanese Zori, but with a secret 100% rubber formula, Havaianas is the original child of eastern Zen and western joy.Today, you can see the marks of its parentage easily. The Zori, which has a sole of rice straw, can be seen in the iconic rice pattern found on the sole of every pair of Havaianas. Likewise, the word “Havaianas” is actually Portuguese for “Hawaiians,” whose exuberant colors and culture influence each style.



I loved making these earrings!!!  I got to do “what I wanted.”  My experience is that when dudes order gifts for their girlfriends, that all good-intentions aside, that they just don’t know what the hell they’re doing!!! That’s when I finally convince them that I know “what she will want.” SMIRK.  And she effin’ loved it!!!  How could you not?!?  When the final result is a luscious and delicious pair of Tahitian pearl tear-drop earrings handmade with dazzling gold-filled components!  Another one bites the dust…